Thursday, March 22, 2007

Invisible Quest : d Proof

Here im continuing the discussion of the quest for being able to be invisible from the previous post.
As discussed earlier I either need to bend the nearby space or make the pull so strong that it barely makes the escape velocity of my body surface exceed the speed of light.
We already know that larger mass exerts stronger pull. But escape velocity for a body surface depends upon the radius of the volume this body fits in. The key in increasing the escape velocity significantly is to compress the mass as much as possible.
In simple terms, to become invisible i need to eat a lot and gain a lot of weight and then shrink myself.

Say M is my mass that is weight /acceleration due to gravity = 65/9.8 = 6.63
From the equation of critical velocity.. i.e V = √(2MG/R)

We see that greater escape velocity would needs larger mass and smaller radius.
Lets c how much I need to shrink myself for my current weight,

R = 2MG/V2

-- here V must be equal or greater than the velocity of light we if want to prevent light from escaping.

R =

2 * 6.63 * 6.67 * 10 -11


(3 * 108 )2

= 9.8310657596371882086167800453515 e-27 meters

Yeah if u guessed that its nothing but a black hole u r rite!! Thats wat i'll become and then my force of attraction will not be restricted to only pretty girls but every object nearby ;)

Hey but i dun wanna shrink so much just to become invisible.. wat am i gonna do with my super powers if im so tiny that u need an electron microscope to c me.

Relative weight loss : a supplement to Einstein's explanation ;)

"What is relativity?. Supposing, an old lady sits in your lap for a minute, a minute seems like an hour. But if a beautiful girl sits in your lap for an hour, an hour seems like a minute, thats Relativity".
-- Albert Einstein

Thats so true ;) .. moreover it happens to be the case that faster the time passes by lighter is the weight felt on your lap. Hence in latter case a kilo feels like a gram.
When the velocity of a body increases its mass also increases and the time slows down. That is mass and time are inversly proportional. Thus when the time seems to be passing by faster, lesser is the weight of the girl felt and vice versa.
Wow it does comply with Einstein's comic example of relativity!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Invisible Quest

Today i thot of gaining some other super human powers. Lets analyze the stuff i need for that.
It would be nice to be able to disappear. I am visible to others due to the reflection of light from my body. What if no light gets reflected? hmmm..will proceed further with this considersation.
To avoid light from getting reflected i must absorb all the light and never through it back. For this to happen i must somehow attract light with such a force that the escape velocity for any particle near my body should be more than the speed of light. Or it might work if i somehow warp the time-space around me so that the light reflected from me follows the curvature of space and comes back to me.
Hey but i guess that would also cause high speed time dilation which would result in freezing of time in the nearby space. My watch shall stop running. I now have the power to slow down the ever running time!!! Anyways lets focus on one super power at a time. Im not in such a haste to become the almighty :) So lets get back to the discussion of being invisible.
All this doesnt seem convincing enough.. gotta derive some proofs.. shall think over it later.. no time now :(((

Faster than light? imagination

As we know time passes at different speeds at different locations in space.
We can travel from point A to point B in space via several routes. Say route X and Y are two such routes which are equal in distance(the conventional distance in meters).
The difference between these 2 routes is that the clock speed at several points on route X is slower than those on route Y(as mentioned at the start of this post).
I start sprinting from A towards B taking route X at the speed of light(i like being lightening fast). A light beam at the same time is projected towards point B taking route Y.
The referee for this race is stationary and perpendicular to the plane common to routes X and Y (for time being keep aside the possibility that space could be bent).
Over the race as i travel through the space which has time running slower i travel greater distance than light beam in the same duration.
In effect I have traveled faster than light over the same distance.
As we know from Lorentz theory that kinetic energy or m*sqare(c)/root(I-square(v/c)) approaches infinity as the velocity of the mass approaches speed of light. This as has been proved shows that light speed is the ultimate barrier.
But didnt i just defeated light beam in the race? there has to be something wrong going on.. something wrong with the whole perspective???

The spinning wheel

It just came to my mind and i quickly thot of giving it a name like the famous grandfather or the twin paradox :D ..but cant find any :(
Imagine a wooden wheel spinning somewhere in the space. It has reached the speed of light i.e every particle on its outer rim is traveling at the speed of light. The speed is lesser for the inner particles and goes on decreasing as we reach the center of the wheel. Speed of the particle at the center is zero. Thus time has virtually stopped for the outer particle while the one at center is aging fast. Difficult to imagine since its a single body with all the particles connected. Even if we are able to imagine we cant tell the age of the wheel as whole, can we?