Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Faster than light? imagination

As we know time passes at different speeds at different locations in space.
We can travel from point A to point B in space via several routes. Say route X and Y are two such routes which are equal in distance(the conventional distance in meters).
The difference between these 2 routes is that the clock speed at several points on route X is slower than those on route Y(as mentioned at the start of this post).
I start sprinting from A towards B taking route X at the speed of light(i like being lightening fast). A light beam at the same time is projected towards point B taking route Y.
The referee for this race is stationary and perpendicular to the plane common to routes X and Y (for time being keep aside the possibility that space could be bent).
Over the race as i travel through the space which has time running slower i travel greater distance than light beam in the same duration.
In effect I have traveled faster than light over the same distance.
As we know from Lorentz theory that kinetic energy or m*sqare(c)/root(I-square(v/c)) approaches infinity as the velocity of the mass approaches speed of light. This as has been proved shows that light speed is the ultimate barrier.
But didnt i just defeated light beam in the race? there has to be something wrong going on.. something wrong with the whole perspective???

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Amritha said...

You are talking about having defeated the light beam then you are particularly talkin about a paritcle (you)with no mass...
Here then there is no barrier.. ultimately.. you INDEED are winning the race :)