Thursday, March 22, 2007

Invisible Quest : d Proof

Here im continuing the discussion of the quest for being able to be invisible from the previous post.
As discussed earlier I either need to bend the nearby space or make the pull so strong that it barely makes the escape velocity of my body surface exceed the speed of light.
We already know that larger mass exerts stronger pull. But escape velocity for a body surface depends upon the radius of the volume this body fits in. The key in increasing the escape velocity significantly is to compress the mass as much as possible.
In simple terms, to become invisible i need to eat a lot and gain a lot of weight and then shrink myself.

Say M is my mass that is weight /acceleration due to gravity = 65/9.8 = 6.63
From the equation of critical velocity.. i.e V = √(2MG/R)

We see that greater escape velocity would needs larger mass and smaller radius.
Lets c how much I need to shrink myself for my current weight,

R = 2MG/V2

-- here V must be equal or greater than the velocity of light we if want to prevent light from escaping.

R =

2 * 6.63 * 6.67 * 10 -11


(3 * 108 )2

= 9.8310657596371882086167800453515 e-27 meters

Yeah if u guessed that its nothing but a black hole u r rite!! Thats wat i'll become and then my force of attraction will not be restricted to only pretty girls but every object nearby ;)

Hey but i dun wanna shrink so much just to become invisible.. wat am i gonna do with my super powers if im so tiny that u need an electron microscope to c me.

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Amritha said...

This was something hun.. n moreover I dun think you need ny formula to go invisble.. the rate at which u r diminishing.. you sooon gonna be one.. 'Invisible Man' :P